Renee is an award-winning writer, coach, and speaker who is passionate about encouraging women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose. Renee has written numerous books, including several romance titles under the pen name, Nicki Night. 


Renee is a coach and an award-winning business leader who teaches strategies to help professional women grow their brands and business. Renee has more than two decades of experience in leadership, marketing, and branding. 


Renee is sought after to speak about finding one’s passion and purpose as well as personal and professional development. Renee has been recognized for her writing, business leadership and community service in the media and by multiple organizations.


Like many, I started out in corporate America. I had my eye on the C-Suite. Then the dreadful terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened. Despite having multiple degrees, experience, tons of ambition and goals to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top, I found myself unemployed not once but four times in a row.

I was a marketing and branding professional. I realized that when a company starts to experience financial struggles, marketing is usually one of the first budgets to get cut. 9/11 left a lingering impact on the economy. It also….

…left me void of the stability that I thought the corporate world guaranteed to well educated professionals. I no longer trusted corporate America to provide me with the safe, stable lifestyle I desired…

 I was determined to take the fate of my career into my own hands. 

During those layoffs, I found my passion. Writing. I also filled my employment gaps by consulting entrepreneurs and small business and developing marketing strategies. Writing also led to working with youth.

…I realized I loved writing and helping people…

 I’m a God’s girl. I asked God to help me find a way to do what I loved and get paid for it. I wanted to do work I was passionate about, which ultimately led me to my purpose. 

…It took time but I finally got to the point where I woke every day, did what I loved, impacted lives, and got paid for it. Now I live my passion and purpose daily and I call it my Dream Journey.

Using my professional experience and what I learned, I want to help as many women as possible turn their passions into profits, fulfill their purpose and live their Dream Journey.