Second Wives Club


Lyric Delaney, Kerri Rhodes, and Paige Thompson are all chasing happiness and trying their best to balance life. At first glance their lives seem flawless; beautiful homes, perfect marriages. But behind those blissful facades, the reality of balancing happiness, blended families, and their husband’s exes could turn even the most enviable unions into matrimonial disasters. Kerri is practically best friends with her husband Chris’ ex-wife—until tragedy strikes. Paige and Rick are close to having a life most couples would envy if he could just put his meddling ex-wife in her rightful place. Lyric can hardly believe she even landed a husband, especially one like Nate—influential, powerful and filthy rich! However, the happy home she imagined seems almost impossible to attain. Second Wives Club is a journey through the hills and valleys of exes, blended families, self-fulfillment, and challenges that can turn an “I do” into “What did I do?” Will Kerri, Lyric, and Paige find happiness despite the secrets they still harbor? Will any of these couples succeed in pinning down that elusive ‘happily ever after’?



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