How It Started



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Sixteen years ago, I made a decision that changed the trajectory of my entire life. 


I was working as a brand manager for a major publishing and events company. I had my eye on the C-suite. I looked forward to one day having my boss’s title, Chief Marketing Officer. And then I got laid off. That was the third layoff in three years. After the terrible events of 9/11, marketing was one of the hardest-hit professions. Despite having multiple degrees, it was difficult to stay employed. 


Before my layoff, I discovered that writing wasn’t just something I enjoyed. It was my passion. Instead of going back to work, I decided to pursue my passion for becoming a published author. 


This decision was hard, scary, and exciting. Today I’m an author of over twenty books. Being an author led to discovering my second passion, working with youth. In addition to writing books, I run a nonprofit organization for girls and have won awards for my role as a business leader. 


How did I make this transition? I was strategic. I knew that starting over wouldn’t be easy, but I learned how to work hard, plan, set goals, and meet them. Most importantly, I knew how vital strategic planning was to success. I applied those same principles to my new venture, and it worked. 


Strategic planning has been the key to my success as an author and entrepreneur. It can help you too. How can you be more strategic in your goals? 

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